MixMarvel’s Flagship MMORPG MetaCene Sets the Stage for Alpha Test 2: A Leap into Next-Gen Gaming

3 min readNov 30, 2023


MixMarvel is thrilled to announce the upcoming Alpha Test 2 of MetaCene, one of our most promising blockchain gaming projects. Scheduled from November 30th to December 15th, this test is set to introduce a plethora of new features and improvements.

MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2: Elevating the Gameplay Experience

After a successful inaugural Alpha Test, MetaCene is all set to introduce its Alpha Test 2. This new phase is not just a continuation but an enhancement of the gaming experience. With new areas to explore, challenges to conquer, and the integration of NFTs and tokens, Alpha Test 2 is a step forward in making blockchain gaming more dynamic and rewarding.

What’s New in Alpha Test 2?

  1. Enhanced Gaming Experience: The test will be available only on PC, supporting both English and Chinese language versions. The mobile version, anticipated by many, will follow soon after.
  2. Dynamic In-Game Economy with MUD: The $MUD token, fundamental to the MetaCene ecosystem, will return as both a consumable material and the game’s universal currency. Its integration into the game’s commerce and synthesis system allows for a rich and vibrant in-game economy.
  3. Exciting NFT Assets: Alpha Test 2 introduces new NFTs, including Mining Mecha and Skin NFTs, purchasable with MUD. The Mining Mecha NFTs, especially the Origin Energy Mining Mecha, add an extra layer of strategy to the game, while the Skin NFTs offer aesthetic enhancements without affecting gameplay attributes.
  4. Innovative Gameplay Elements: The game will feature various gameplay aspects like mining, herbology, PVE, and PVP. With activities ranging from Roguelike dungeons to environmental interactions and guild formation, players can expect a diverse and engaging gaming experience.
  5. Leaderboard Competitions: The inclusion of leaderboards based on level, combat power, PK, and $MUD will foster a competitive environment, encouraging players to strive for the top positions.
  6. Enhanced Commerce and Social Interactions: Alpha 2 supports face-to-face trades and an in-game marketplace on MMSDK. The game’s store will feature a variety of items purchasable with $MUD, enhancing the trading experience.
  7. Engaging Daily Activities: Players can participate in daily activities such as check-ins, leaderboard events, and races in Sky Metropolis. These activities not only provide in-game benefits but also enhance community engagement.
  8. Diverse Participation Opportunities: Opportunities for participating in Alpha Test 2 include being whitelisted, social media engagements, guild events, and an ambassador program. This diverse range of participation methods ensures a broad and engaged player base.

Join the Alpha Test 2

As we prepare for the launch of MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2, we invite the blockchain gaming community to be a part of this exciting phase. This is an opportunity to experience the latest in blockchain gaming and contribute to the evolution of MetaCene.

MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 is not just a milestone for the game itself but also a reflection of MixMarvel’s commitment to supporting innovative projects in the blockchain gaming space. It represents our ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming, offering players new ways to engage, interact, and benefit from blockchain technology.

For more information on MetaCene’s Alpha Test 2 and to stay updated on all the latest developments, visit https://www.metacene.io/

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