MixMarvel Teams Up with Yeeha Games

3 min readSep 12, 2023


MixMarvel and Yeeha Games are teaming up to take Web3 gaming to the next level. Together, we’re committed to delivering outstanding gaming experiences that are both innovative and inclusive.

Yeeha Games is a rising star in the blockchain gaming space. They’re known for their cutting-edge cloud gaming technology and their commitment to creating inclusive gaming experiences. This partnership will combine the best of both worlds. MixMarvel’s innovative games and Yeeha Games’ cloud gaming technology will create a new standard for Web3 gaming.

Ecosystem Support

Yeeha Games, with the backing of ByBit, will be providing MixMarvel with extensive support across its ecosystem. This means that MixMarvel will now indirectly benefit from Yeeha’s entire network of partners. This partnership opens up the possibility of exchange listings and broadens MixMarvel’s reach into various sectors, such as investment funds, esports teams, and publishing platforms.

Cloud Version

This partnership will allow us to open the doors for one of our flagship games, MetaCene, to soon become available on mobile devices through Yeeha’s cloud gaming platform. Yeeha’s cloud gaming platform allows players to access high-end games without having to own a powerful gaming computer. This makes it possible for anyone to play MetaCene, regardless of their device or location.

Priority Listing

We’re also excited to announce that Yeeha will be prioritizing the listing of MixMarvel’s projects on their exchange. This means that Yeeha will be working with MixMarvel to ensure that their games are listed on the exchange as soon as possible. This will help to bring MixMarvel’s games to a wider audience and support the growth of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

We’re confident that this partnership will usher in a new era of Web3 gaming. Together, we’re committed to creating groundbreaking experiences that will redefine the way people play games.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is building the world’s leading blockchain content incubation platform and creators community. Pivoting on investment, incubation, and publication, MixMarvel connects Metaverse entrepreneurs, investors, and mass users through industry investment, gaming incubation, asset distribution, infrastructure development, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps. MixMarvel’s broad ecosystem comprises gaming IPs like DeHero and MetaCene, tech solutions like MixMarvel SDK and Rangers Protocol, investment organizations like MixMarvel DAO Venture, and other network resources for high-quality Web2 and Web3 native gaming projects.

For more information, visit https://link3.to/mixmarvel.

About Yeeha Games

Established in 2021 with a remarkable $50 million funding, Yeeha Games is a visionary platform embracing a new era of interactive entertainment, celebrating the individuality and impact of every gamer. Our flagship title, Oath of Peak, launched in January 2023 and achieved the status of the largest game on Polygon within just two weeks.

Dedicated to creating an inclusive gaming ecosystem, Yeeha Games caters to a diverse audience with offerings such as game listings, powerful branding, developer-friendly tools, and UGC game communities. Moreover, our cutting-edge cloud gaming service ensures gamers can enjoy their favorite titles seamlessly from any device. We are committed to fulfilling all the requirements of a thriving gaming ecosystem.

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