MixMarvel Joins Forces with GameFi.org to Elevate Web3 Gaming

3 min readSep 8, 2023


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, strategic collaborations offer a gateway to extraordinary possibilities. Today marks a significant milestone for the decentralized gaming ecosystem as MixMarvel proudly announces its partnership with GameFi.org — where the magic of gamification blends seamlessly with the power of Web3.

Renowned for incubating, publishing, and investing in groundbreaking Web3 games, MixMarvel has continually pushed the boundaries of decentralized gaming. Our vast portfolio, encompassing gaming IPs like MetaCene, and advanced solutions such as the MixMarvel SDK, places us at the front of the Web3 revolution.

GameFi.org, founded in August 2021, has etched a reputation as a comprehensive hub for game finance. Featuring an extensive ecosystem, from GameFi.org Launchpad and Marketplace to the Guild Hub and its vast Metaverse, GameFi.org addresses challenges faced by game studios, fostering invaluable relationships with developers, players, and investors.

As MixMarvel and GameFi.org unite, the synergistic benefits are manifold:

1. Unified Integration: MixMarvel will onboard its high-quality games into GameFi.org’s Game World, amplifying their reach and impact.

2. Engage-to-Earn Playground: DMission, powered by GameFi.org and functioning as the top Dapp on TaskFi Protocol, will become our leading quest-based platform of choice, creating a seamless journey for gamers.

3. Shared Wisdom for Collective Growth: As partners, we will engage in knowledge sharing, leveraging our combined insights to co-create a dynamic and flourishing gaming ecosystem.

This partnership resonates beyond just mutual growth. It represents a shared ethos, collective aspirations, and an unwavering commitment to bringing the best of Web3 gaming to the global community.

With this collaboration, MixMarvel reaffirms its mission: driving mass adoption for blockchain games and progressing towards the vision of a metaverse for everyone. GameFi.org’s comprehensive suite of services will significantly contribute to this vision, ensuring a captivating and streamlined experience for all.

The alliance of MixMarvel and GameFi.org is a testament to the limitless horizons Web3 gaming can reach. To our dedicated community, passionate creators, and avid gamers, gear up for a revolutionary shift in the Web3 gaming paradigm. The future is here, and it’s time to play!

About GameFi.org

Where Gamification and Web3 converge, GameFi.org aims to build digital communities and manage virtual economies for mainstream adoption through GameFi.org Launchpad & Game World systems. GameFi.org offers a suite of solutions covering the entire defi & gamified projects’ lifecycle, following a vision of one digital platform — one virtual identity — requiring zero blockchain knowledge.

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About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is building the world’s leading blockchain content incubation platform and creators community. Pivoting on investment, incubation, and publication, MixMarvel connects Metaverse entrepreneurs, investors, and mass users through industry investment, gaming incubation, asset distribution, infrastructure development, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps. MixMarvel’s broad ecosystem comprises gaming IPs like DeHero and MetaCene, tech solutions like MixMarvel SDK and Rangers Protocol, investment organizations like MixMarvel DAO Venture, and other network resources for high-quality Web2 and Web3 native gaming projects.

For more information, visit https://link3.to/mixmarvel.