MixMarvel and NuLink Partner to Bring Blockchain to the Masses

2 min readJul 26


MixMarvel is happy to announce its partnership with blockchain infrastructure provider NuLink. The partnership will see MixMarvel use NuLink’s blockchain infrastructure to power its games, while NuLink will gain access to MixMarvel’s large user base.

The NuLink network provides endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control. Sensitive user data can be securely shared from any user platform to cloud or decentralized storage and access to that data is granted automatically by policy in either Proxy Re-Encryption or Attribute-Based Encryption. For the data user on the other side, Zero-Knowledge Proof can help them verify the data source. In more advanced privacy-preserving use cases, NuLink uses Fully Homomorphic Encryption to customize enterprise-level data computation services.

The partnership between MixMarvel and NuLink will provide a number of benefits for both companies and lead us to the track of:

  • Increased scalability and reliability, which will allow MixMarvel to offer its games to a larger number of users;
  • Improved security of MixMarvel’s users’ data;
  • More seamless and secure blockchain experience;
  • Increased adoption of blockchain technology by making it more accessible to mainstream users.

The partnership between MixMarvel and NuLink is a significant step forward for both companies and for the blockchain gaming industry as a whole. It shows that blockchain is becoming more accessible to mainstream users, and it is a sign of the growing maturity of the blockchain gaming industry.

About NuLink

NuLink is a Privacy-preserving technology for decentralized applications. NuLink combines best practices with best-of-breed security solutions to provide privacy-preserving technology with enterprise-level security for decentralized applications

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About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community. By in-depth exploring the open world and integrating world-renowned IP with high-quality content, MixMarvel connects investors and mass users through asset distribution, content publication, DeFi tools, infrastructure, community co-creation, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps. Its ecosystem comprises a broad portfolio of FT/NFT assets, including the MIX, RPG, and HEROES tokens; blockchain content including the GameFi application DeHero; and infrastructures including Rangers Protocol and MixMarvel SDK.

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