MixMarvel, the blockchain game publishing platform, announces its official cooperation with AnySwap, a decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol. The collaboration mainly focuses on transferring the assets across blockchains. MixMarvel will utilize AnySwap to achieve the cross-chain of its token, MIX, from Ethereum to BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

As the economic symbol…

South Korean rating agency Xangle has officially released its rating report on Rangers Protocol, which received a ‘BB’ neutral rating. MixMarvel, as Rangers Protocol’s incubator, has thus further strengthened its ecology.

On November 10, Xangle, the authoritative South Korean crypto market information disclosure platform, released a rating report on the…

Blockchain game publishing platform MixMarvel officially announced that it had joined Polygon Studios, becoming a Tier 1 strategic partner in blockchain games and NFT. MixMarvel hopes to strengthen both parties in distributing blockchain games and NFT content incubation by optimizing resource allocation and creating a decentralized platform for developers.



Global game publishing platform powered by Blockchain https://www.mixmarvel.com

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