On July 10th at 17:00 (UTC+8), Global blockchain game publishing platform — MixMarvel will be joining hands with TonArts, a veteran game producer, for launching CryptoThrone: Infinite World on Ontology. CryptoThorne used to be top played game on EOS. The Infinite World Edition will deliver a completely new value earning gameplay experience of blockchain games on Ontology. The game opened up “carnival” and “privilege” pre-sale before it went online. Players rushed to buy starter packs to get the early game privileges. Thousands of packs were sold out in a week.

For establishing CryptoThrone as the paradigm of blockchain strategy games…

MixMarvel, the blockchain game publishing platform, announces its official cooperation with AnySwap, a decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol. The collaboration mainly focuses on transferring the assets across blockchains. MixMarvel will utilize AnySwap to achieve the cross-chain of its token, MIX, from Ethereum to BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

As the economic symbol of the MixMarvel ecosystem, the cross-chain of the MIX tokens to Binance Smart Chain is an essential step for the realization of the MixMarvel Metaverse. BSC is a chain parallel to Binance Chain, which contains functions like creating smart contracts and BNB stake mining. Hundreds of applications in the BSC…

Blockchain game publishing platform MixMarvel officially announced that it had joined Polygon Studios, becoming a Tier 1 strategic partner in blockchain games and NFT. MixMarvel hopes to strengthen both parties in distributing blockchain games and NFT content incubation by optimizing resource allocation and creating a decentralized platform for developers.

As a senior blockchain game publishing platform and content community, MixMarvel has successfully developed and released many high-quality blockchain games such as HyperDragons, HyperSnakes, since its establishment in 2017. The latest project, DeHero, has been ranked second on the BSC ranking right after its launch. DeHero also ranked 3st on 24…

DeHero, a blockchain card-collecting game developed by MixMarvel, is showing explosive solid growth. DeHero confidently occupies leading positions and is among the first in the rating websites of blockchain games.

The ultimate point of playing DeHero has always been to have fun and get an investment opportunity — play and earn, in other words.

DeHero is launching an incredible new event that will bring terrific prizes to many of DeHero’s players.

Introduction to the Check-In System:

Activity Time:

0:00–20:59 Every day from September 9 (UTC+8)

Activity Rules:

1. Each address can log in to the game daily before 21:00 (UTC+8)…

Last Month Review

On July 13, the GameFi blockchain game DeHero, which was incubated and published by MixMarvel, was officially launched. Within 24 hours, the NFT transaction volume ranked second in the BSC rankings. Since then, user data has continued to grow, and card package sales data has continued to hit new highs. DeHero has established several high-quality communities around the world. The active participation of players has made DeHero development healthy and stable, and much Korean media have also carried out in-depth reports on the matter.

DeHero, released by MixMarvel, is a card-collecting blockchain game that focuses on NFT+DeFi gameplay, first deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the game, users gain random NFT hero card packs by staking FT assets. By collecting NFT characters and using appropriate card mining training strategies, users obtain DeHero’s governance token $HEROES. All NFT cards received can be traded in the Marketplace.

DeHero is adding more application scenarios for NFT based on the existing GameFi. At this point, the NFT holders in DeHero are the core asset holders of the project. …

According to the latest data from DappRadar, the GameFi blockchain game DeHero ranks 6th by volume in the Top Blockchain Games ranking and 4th in the Top Binance Smart Chain Games ranking with a transaction volume risen to $51.35 million over the month.

Last Month Review

Last month, MixMarvel officially launched LeCube, the NFT creative community. The staking amount in LeCube exceeded 14 million MIX within 3 hours. In 7 hours, the stake amount surpassed the mark of 400 ETH.

July Summary

In July, the GameFi blockchain game DeHero by MixMarvel was officially launched and had exemplary achievements and cooperated with CoinWind to increase users’ revenue. MixMarvel and the decentralized cross-chain protocol Poly Network reached cooperation on asset cross-chain during the same period.

DeHero Ranks Second on BscScan After Launch

The GameFi chain game DeHero by MixMarvel was officially launched on July 13. With multiple product features release…

DeHero, the decentralized GameFi application, teamed up with DeFi smart yield aggregator, CoinWind, introducing a brand-new non-destructive mining pool for players to obtain $HEROES by staking $COW. The APY of the new pool exceeded 1,500% on July 22, 2021.

DeHero is a card-collecting and mining blockchain game released by MixMarvel. The game, deployed on Binance Smart Chain, focuses on NFT+DeFi gameplay. Twenty-four hours after DeHero was launched, the price of $HEROES (the governance token of DeHero) doubled, and it didn’t stop there — the price peak went up to over 500% in less than a week.

CoinWind is a DeFi…

DeHero, the GameFi application, launches the Lucky Card Pack and Fortune Card Pack today. Users can spend $HEROES to draw card packs in the Card Shop. The Lucky Card Pack is priced at 8 $HEROES, and the Fortune Card Pack is 30 $HEROES. Both types of packs offer rare cards.

About Cards Packs

Lucky Card Pack:

‌Price: 8 $HEROES

Number of cards received: 1

Staked cards value: 8 $HEROES

Rarity: Orange 0.05%, Purple 1%, Blue 6.95%, Green 27%, White 65%

Fortune Card Pack:

‌Price: 30 $HEROES

Number of cards received: 1

Staked cards value: 30 $HEROES

Rarity: Golden 0.0375%, Orange…


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